A new Stolen Generation

Back in 2008, Kevin Rudd apologised for the stolen generations where children were forcefully removed from their families and placed in foster care or institutions during the early 1900s. The policy started by the belief that Aboriginal children would die out as the Aboriginal population was declining. They believed that they were superior and that assimilation of children into white-society was the best solution. The stolen generations have proven to have detrimental social and emotional effects to the Aboriginal community. Studies have shown that children that were removed were abused and were more likely to come into contact with the law, have a high usage of substances such as drugs or alcohol and were less likely to complete an education.

Even though the government has apologised for the issue and attempted reconciliation, the rate of separation of Aboriginal children in today’s society is increasing rapidly. Many Aboriginal children are placed in out-of-home care or are incarcerated. This shows that there’s a real problem that needs to be addressed before another stolen generation occurs. Aboriginal children are still removed at high rates due to neglect. The government has attempted to make recommendations to address this issue however they haven’t considered to give responsibilities to local Indigenous communities. New recommendations are necessary that allow Indigenous communities to help support these families and children.

Furthermore, funding towards Indigenous communities can help provide youth programs that can help provide ways for Indigenous children to stay in their community and also reduce the high incarceration rates of Indigenous children. Allowing Indigenous leaders and communities to take control of their community is beneficial in all aspects.






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