The ‘Break the Cycle’ campaign aims to change the cycle of Indigenous youth incarceration through raising awareness on the need of early intervention strategies.

Indigenous children make up 54% of juvenile detainees and are 26 times more likely to be detained compared to non-indigenous children due to discrimination and a lack of support given to them when growing up (AIHW). The continued social problem reflects unjust treatment and calls for the need for a just system that will help reduce and prevent crimes.

Our goal is to understand and protect Indigenous children and ultimately provide a brighter future for them.

To Break the Cycle:

  • We need to understand the needs of Indigenous children and encourage individuals to raise awareness and help develop the right programs
  • Programs and services need to be established that focus on education, support, and employment
  • We need to focus on providing opportunities and safer alternatives instead of incarcerating Indigenous children



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